week 4

part 1: pages: 149-188

1. "i was far away from my family and many of my friends, and yet i felt a confidence, a security, and a sense of place." page 150. nica lalli, "nothing, something to believe in"
this sets the tone in the book because she was living in a tiny apartment with her boyfriend away from where she was born, and where her family and friends are, obviously, but she felt home, and she was happy with it.

2. in chapter 13 nica's fiance shares with her about his sister, and how she's a crazy cristian, and she doesn't even sleep in the same bed as her fiance, and she just can't believe how insane she seems. in chapter 14 they go to stay with greg's (nicas' fiance) parents, and when they arrive at their house they aren't even allowed to sleep in the same bed, and his parents go on about how they're been "living in sin." in chapter 15 greg's sister and her fiance get married, but they're actually being "joined in jesus" as they would call it. and in chapter 16 greg and nica go to visit the newly weds, and nica brings up the fact that she had her tarot cards read, and they freak out on her and go on about how tarot cards are the work of the devil and how she needs to go to a church and ask to be forgiven.

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