week 3

part 1: page: 93-145
1. in chapter 9 Nica talks about her experience going to a bible ski trip, to her it seemed very interesting and she didn't think that she'd have to worry about having religion stuffed down her throat. at first she was having a blast, but at night they had the believers and the non-believers split up, and she went with the non-believers of course, and she had to deal with hours of people talking about "god" and trying to convince her to believe. in chapter 10 she talks about her teen years, and how she can't believe that she had so much going on in her life, such as her dying grandmother, and yet all she could care about was this so called boy that she was "in love" with. in chapter 11 she's talking about part of her college experience and how she met a priest, who wasn't very priest like. he threw parties, and would even drink, to her it was as if he wasn't even a priest, which is sort of true. in chapter 12 she talks about her semester abroad in florence, and how much of an enjoyable experience that was for her, and how she even roomed with someone from her childhood, and she was happy that they got to bond again.

2. It seems kind of pointless to do research on the author of the book seeing as how it's a memoir, and they're writing about themselves, hmph, fancy that.

Part 2: i like this book so far. one strength that it has is that the author uses alot of description when she explains everything, it really makes me feel as if i'm there with her. when reading the book i haven't exactly found any weaknesses, the overall writing is impecible and it's hard to find something wrong with a book this good.

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