week 5.

part 1: pages 189-222

1. chapters 17-20 greg and nica finally get married, and nica's mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. and greg gets a job offer in D.C. and they take it and they move down there and nica finds another art studio to work at for a while. and nica's grandmother dies and her and her father go to her funeral to pay their respects, and also greg applies to a business school and gets accepted, so they move yet again and nica also finds out that she is for sure pregnant after 2 miscarriages.

2. i was shocked that the author packed so much into such few pages, it was a little hard to handle all the bad news, but she did counter it with wonderful news which was a nice balance. but when her grandmother died it didn't seem to affect her much, although when she went to the funeral it was an open casket which had a negative effect on her, and it made her not want to be there at all. and she was pretty emotionally scarred after the miscarriages, which i can imagine would be hard for any woman to handle, but i was very happy that her 3rd time went over well, and she was ecstatic.

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