chapters 5-8

loaded words:

fabulous, page 57, positive
heroic, page 57, postive
sinister, page 58, negative
wrath, page 59, negative
prickly. page 64, negative
cute, page 61, negative
beauty, page 69, negative
communists, page 72, negative
mooned, page, 74, positive
naz, page 75, negative


These chapters were about her girl scouts experience at a camp sleepover at a church when the older girls told her ghost stories and how scared she was, about her emotional she became when she found a dead bird in her backyard, how she would make bargains with god saying that she would believe in him, and about her favorite memories from the summer before she moved to New York.


One of the things i was really surprised about was her reaction to the dead bird she found, and i wondered why she went to such great lengths for a bird she found, with a funeral and finding something to put it in, and i was also shocked that she tried making bargains with god, such as doing good on a test, or finishing an assignment, and then saying if he helped her she would believe in him.

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