first four chapters.


In the first chapter of my book was about when the author, Nica Lalli, was about 6 and she wanted to go home from school early, and she was saying that the day before her friend said her stomach hurt and she got to go home, so Nica thought that she could fake sick and go home, and she did, and it worked. When she got home her mom gave her extra pillows and blankets and she got to watch more tv that she normally would, but then she got hungry and went to the kitchen but got a blood blister, and she thought that this was gods way of punishing her for faking sick. She eventually told her mom, and her mom just cleaned everything up and they didn't talk about it. In the second chapter Nica confronts her parents about god, because she wanted to know what they were. All of her friends are something, presbiterian, christian, catholic, jewish, etc, and she wanted to know what she was. When she asked her parents they told her that her dad was catholic and her mom is jewish, but that they don't believe in anything. Nica was shocked to find out that her family was nothing, and she was afraid she would be an outcast, cause everyone was something, and now she's nothing. In the 3rd chapter Lalli is left home alone alot more, and a few times when she is, two catholics come to the door and talk to her about god and her relationship with jesus, and she politely says that she's in unsure about her relationship with them, and they go on about how she should go to church and worship them, and she gives them her name and phone number. After they leave she realizes that she has done three things wrong, she answered the door when she was home alone, gave out her home phone number, and gave strangers her full name. In chapter 4 her dad finds out about the people who came to the door, and basically uses it as a threat with her, such as, clean your room or i'll tell your mother, but by the end of the chapter her mother finds out and just thinks it's funny.

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allison f said...

this sounds like a very engaging book that kids like us can easily relate to im curiouse to know what happens later =]