anxious & goals

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is all the tests and quizzes I have. I'm nervous about them because I'm not used to having quite so many for all my classes and that's going to take some getting used to. Also the tests and quizzes are worth alot more of your grade compared to middle school. In middle school they were only worth about 30-40% of your grade, and now they're worth about 60%.

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to actually do all my homework and get it in on time. In middle school I wasn't so good at getting my work in on time, about 25-30% of it was late, but i could still turn it in for partial credit. However at the high school none of the teachers accept any late work, and if i have 25% of my homework not in that could severely hurt my grade.

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