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the movie didn't really affect me that much, and i understand where he's coming from with the request for suicide. why would anyone want to live like that? being forced to a bed for the rest of your life and not being able to even do the simplest of tasks, personally i would rather ask for assisted suicide, instead of living like he did for 25 years. that's awful.

post 2:
well the first obvious similarity between the sea inside and the diving bell and the butterfly is the fact that they're stuck not being able to move for the rest of their lives, their own body is a prison to them. but the difference between them is the fact that ramon doesn't want to live like he has been, he just wants to be set free from his condition, but jean-dominique has accepted his life and wants to live, he doesn't fully see his disease as something that can hold him back in life, it's just another struggle that he's going to have to face.

post 3:
throughout most of the movie it was pretty much one camera angle, movement, and technique, it was kind of bland, but their was one scene that caught my attention with the way they used the camera to catch what ramon was visualizing. in the scene ramon is picturing himself getting out of bed and jumping out the window and he's flying through the hills and valleys to a beach, and they put the camera from his perspective and it's actually as if you're him flying through the wilderness.

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